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Shipping Available For Teacup or Pocket Size Puppies and Standards:    We use Delta and Continental Airlines.

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The Miniature Pinscher, also know as the Min Pin, is a well-balanced, sturdy, compact little dog that is short-coupled and smooth-coated. They have short smooth fur that comes in colors of black, blue, red or chocolate. They have short naturally erect or drop ears, and most are often cropped, as is the tail docked. They resemble tiny Doberman Pinschers, although entirely unrelated. Min Pins are dogs who are proud, vigorous and alert. They have a lot of spirit and pizzazz; a bundle of energy. They are fun loving extroverts who are great in the show ring or make clever companions. Miniature Pinschers do well as a house dog who are at their best being the family watchdog. They have a bark that won't quit when they suspect danger is near, and they are always looking out for their family. Miniature Pinschers are not small Dobermans, but they sure can act like them. They are protective, robust and confident in nature. Affectionate and loving with their owners, their owners are their main protective priority. These little dogs are usually wary with strangers, and aggressive with other dogs. Vibrant, vivacious and perky, they are always on the go for the person or family who wants to go with them.


Other Names: Reh Pinscher, Zwergpinscher, Mini Pin, Min Pin   Type: Companion Dog   Height: 10 - 12.5 inches.  Weight: 8 - 10 lbs.  Colors: Black, blue, stag red (red with an intermix of black hairs), or chocolate. They can also come in combinations of black and tan or chocolate and tan, with tan markings on the chest, legs, face and eyebrows.   Coat: Hard, smooth, straight and short coat.   Temperament: Miniature Pinschers are lively and alert. They are very protective and watchful, making them good watch dogs. They are noisy dogs, barking at anything unusual. Mini Pins are perky and upbeat, but can be aggressive with other dogs and wary around strangers. They will react to provocation. They are not guard dogs, however, and would probably only be able to bite someone's ankle. Although protective, they are naturally sweet dogs. They are loyal and mostly inside dogs. They are strong-willed, difficult to train, and very curious. This breed is not for the weak-willed, or for the old woman who wants to spoil her puppy. They will take over the house if given the chance.
With Children: Yes, they are good with children provided they are not pestered. Also make sure the children know that this dog is very small and fragile.
With Pets: Yes, good with other pets, but can be dog aggressive.

When you have decided to buy Puppy, like a Yorkie, Maltese, Teacup Chihuahua, Teacup Pomeranian or any other breed make sure to take a little time to prepare for the puppy by "puppy-proofing" you home and making a safe place for the new Teacup Puppy or Toy.

It is necessary to feed your new Teacup the very best dog food.  During the puppy growth stage as well throughout his adult life proper nutrition can extend your dogís life.  There are a variety of great healthy natural foods available.  Please ensure that your puppy is eating on a regular basis to prevent hypoglycemia.   Hypoglycemia is caused by over activity and lack of eating.  Next to good food good hygiene is very important.   Grooming your puppy can be fun and at other times rather challenging.   You might want to find a groomer in your area with good grooming techniques.  Any professional groomer will know puppy grooming techniques to make your pooch look itís upmost best.  

It is important before you buy your puppy to research  and find a good veterinarian who can guide you with your puppyís development.   If you have some puppy health concerns contact your veterinarian immediately.   You should request that your vet micro chips your puppy.   In the even your puppy gets lost the system allows them to contact you as the owner.   In the initial visit the veterinarian will perform a test for parasites.  He will discuss preventative medication for things such as ear mites ticks, fleas or heart worm.  One of the discussions that you should have with your veterinarian is whether you want the spay or neuter surgery.  Your puppy's teeth maintenance is very important so consult with him on a maintenance program.

Orientating the new puppy into your home is very important.  If you choose to train the puppy yourself there are a variety of different avenues that you can take such as books, CDs and websites on the internet.   If your new puppy challenges you with bad behavior a dog trainer can assist you.   You should check their references before you hire them.  Your trainer can also help your dog with behavior issues such as urinating in the house, barking and chewing.  Obedience school is another option to train your pooch.

Itís important to address bad habits such as barking, chewing, digging from the first time you may see any of these activities.   By exercising your dog  you can alleviate some of your puppyís stress and bad habits by allowing the puppy to burn itís energy.   Itís important to use a leash  with a harness while walking your dog to ensure safety.  Most cities have specialized dog parks where you can take your dog to exercise and have lots of fun in a controlled area.  

Prior to traveling by car or  by  plane it is essential that you decide whether you want to take your puppy with you or choose a sitter or a boarding facility.   Some boarding facilities have  spa like activities where  your pooch can have a lot of fun.

                                         We suggest that you keep your new puppy in a Puppy Play Pen  - We sell and ship to  your home:



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